Aquatel's D110-S with RS232 serial port Uart protocol allows for easy Home Automation and PC interface monitoring.

The D110-S Multi-Tank capable wireless fluid level monitor, can be used in just about any shape or size tank/cistern.

The D110-S has many great features, here are just a few:

* Blue backlit LCD display
* High and Low level alarms
* Set tank/cistern depth via Display Unit
* Adjustable top air gap
* Multi-Tank capable
* Monitor up to 6 Tanks

The D110-S system comes complete with everything needed to remotely monitor one tank or cistern up to 300m/984 feet away or using Aquatel's AQ920-7 Booster Antenna kit (both ends), up to 10km/6 miles away. Should you wish to monitor more than one tank or cistern (up to 6 maximum) simply purchase additional T110 Tank Sender Units and pair to your Aquatel D110-S Display Unit within minutes.

The Display Unit setup menu is so easy to navigate that within minutes you will be able to set your tank depth, high and low level alarm points, clock settings and more, all remotely from the indoor Display Unit. The D110-S will monitor your Tank or Cistern and warn you should your supply run low to ensure your pump never runs dry.

For your convenience the unit has a digital clock and displays the current indoor and outdoor temperatures. This unit will even tell you when to replace the batteries. The D110-S is suitable for tanks from 1 metre (3.28 feet) to 4 metres (13.12 feet) in depth. Designed to be a fully "DIY" product, it only takes minutes to setup and install, so no extra installation costs.

For further information on the D110-S with RS232 serial port interface, please contact our support team via this link.

The Aquatel D110 meets AS/NZS 4268:2003 + 1:2005 Standard, European EN 300 220-1 Standard & FCC. "Aquatel" is a registered Trademark No.745630 and product is Patent Pending No. 60/795,172

Aquatel products are manufactured under ISO 9001 standards.


Display Unit Dimensions
92mm x 73mm x 50mm High (back)

Tank Unit Dimensions
135mm Diameter x 80mm high
(including sender)


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