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Question 1: I have a few obstructions in the line of sight between my Aquatel units, will the Aquatel units still work o.k?

Question 2: Will the humidity in my tank interfare with the Ultrasoinc Tank Sender unit?

Answer 2: No, Aquatel's patented Transducer Cone Technology provides acturate fluid level readings in 100% humidity environments.

Question 3: What is the maximum tank depth that I can use the Aquatel system on?

Answer 3: All Aquatel Tank Sender units have a maximum working Tank depth range of 4m (13 foot).

Question 4: What is the maximum working radio range of the Aquatel systems?

Answer 4: Using our custom antenna booster kits at both ends, you can expect to get up to 10km (6 miles) line of sight.

Question 5: My neighbor has an Aquatel tank level monitor and I also want one, if I purchase one, will they interfere with each other?

Answer 5: No, you can have as many as you like, as the Aquatel units come security coded as a matched pair. They will not interfere with other units.

Question 6: The batteries in my Aquatel have gone flat in 5-10 days, What would be causing this?

Answer 6: All Aquatel units come factory set in test mode, this makes the units update every 8 seconds and will run your batteries flat quickly, ensure that you switch "Test Mode" off (refer to user manual).

Question 7: How long will the batteries last in the Tank Sender unit?

Answer 7: The batteries in the Tank Sender unit are good for 100,000 + updates, when set to update fluid level every 10 minutes the batteries will last of 2 years approximately.

Question 8: Do I have to power up the Control box of my M107-BT system to receive a level reading on my Display unit?

Answer 8: Yes, you must power up the Control box of the M107-BT system to receive a fluid level update to the Display unit.

Question 9: I have installed my D110 system and when I hit the Tank Sender reset button the Tank Sender lost connection to my Display unit, what have I done?

Answer 9: Your D110 system comes factory paired, however if you have pushed the reset button when installing, you will need to re-pair the Tank Sender unit to the Display, please refer to the User Manual for instructions on pairing a Tank Sender to a Display Unit.

Question 10: I have installed my tank unit at ground level inside my Tank riser, my Display unit is only about 120m (400 feet) away in my house and I cannot get a connection, am I doing something wrong?

Answer 10: If your tank unit is installed inside your Tank riser and at ground level, this will very much shorten the radio range. Rf signals will transmit well at ground level. If you extend the Tank Sender units external antenna up above ground then you will achieve a connection between the units without any problem. See http://www.aquatel.co.nz/AntennaExtensionKits.html for antenna extension kits that are available.

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